When you have recently lost a loved one, and the grief is fresh, probate can seem to be a murky, complicated mess that you cannot spare the emotional energy to handle. Let us help you bear the load. If your loved one left a will, we can help you and the executor fulfill the terms of the will and make sure property passes to the new owner in accordance with your loved one’s wishes.

Texas law provides several alternatives to the full probate process (“dependent administration”). Perhaps one of those alternatives is suitable for your family. We can help you figure out the least complicated method of resolving your loved one’s affairs, so that you have the time to grieve.

If your loved one did not leave a will, then the process of transferring title of property is called “administration of an intestate estate.” Usually it involves determining who your loved one’s heirs are under the terms of the Texas Probate Code. This process can be simple or not, depending on the particular situation.

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